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Mr. Jerry M. Lazaroff, Ph.D. - therapist in Media, PA

Jerry M. Lazaroff, Ph.D.

"Hello, and welcome to my practice. I have been practicing with my wife, Dr. Beatrice S. Lazaroff for over 35 years. Both of us are doctoral level, Ph.D. licensed psychologists. We operate a multi-faceted practice treating all ages, as well as a variety of issues.
I see adults, but I also treat children, adolescents, and their families. I am child-trained which is very important because many therapists will see children, but if they don't have advanced coursework and training in this area, little progress is often made. Special skills and expertise are needed to develop an effective bond with younger patients.

I am sure you are familiar with the typical dinner conversation in which a parent asks his/her child about their day – "How was school today?" Child: "Boring." "What did you learn?" Child: "Nothing." "Do you have any homework?" Child: "I don't remember." Therapists who approach children in the same manner will likewise not get very far.
Different techniques are needed to engage children and adolescents. It is essential that younger patients like their therapist, and feel that their therapist also likes them. Otherwise, they will resist coming to counseling, and will not be receptive to any input.
Thus, I engage in relationship building with the children and adolescents I see. This includes play therapy with the younger children, and age-appropriate activities with older children and teenagers. Most patients look forward to their sessions and quickly make gains. They also usually leave my office smiling and in a much better mood.
Parents are also actively involved in their younger children's treatment. They participate in their older children's sessions too, but to a lesser degree because many teenagers prefer to be seen alone. Depending upon the issue, sometimes entire families are seen together, or just the parents are seen to work on child management techniques.
The adults I treat usually feel anxious, depressed, or angry. They often have difficulty getting along with others at home, at work, or in social settings. I also provide marriage/couples therapy. I am able to draw upon not only my 35 years of professional experience, but also my marriage of 43 years in helping troubled relationships.
In addition, I provide co-parenting counseling and custody assessments for families who are involved with the legal system. These cases are sometimes court-ordered to see me, or I am retained as an expert by the parents' attorneys. I will also conduct evaluations for other legal matters, including criminal cases, decertification requests, and adoption assessments. In addition, I have appeared in court on numerous occasions and will provide expert testimony when needed.
I invite you to call our office to speak with me directly, or to schedule an appointment.

Thank you."

Accreditations and Experience

Undergraduate- Temple University in Philadelphia

Masters Degree- New School for Social Research in New York

Doctoral Degree- Georgia State University in Atlanta

Internship in Clinical Psychology- University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio

Residency in Clinical/Community Psychology- Georgia Mental Health Institute in Atlanta

Director of Training & Research- State of Georgia Division of Mental Health

Clinical Assistant Professor- Department of Psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson Medical School

Taught in School of Allied Health- Thomas Jefferson Medical School

Clinical Psychologist- Crozer-Chester Medical Center

Consulting Psychologist- Delaware County Intermediate Unit

Directed specialized Assessment and Diagnostic Program - Delaware County, PA

Director- Family Intervention for Delaware County Juvenile Court

Consulting Psychologist- Office of Diagnostic Services for Delaware County Courthouse

Licensed Psychologist- Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Member- American Psychological Association, Pennsylvania Psychological Association, National Register of Health Service Providers.