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Beatrice S. Lazaroff, Ph.D. - therapist in Media, PA

Beatrice S. Lazaroff, Ph.D.

"Thank you for exploring our website. My husband, Dr. Jerry Lazaroff, and I have been in private practice in Media, PA for over 35 years. We both have our doctoral degrees in Psychology and are licensed psychologists in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We strive to help people from all walks of life and all ages who need assistance in regaining control of their lives.
I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. In our practice we believe in intervening early in a child’s life to alleviate problems and build self-esteem so that the child will not have to seek out psychotherapy multiple times later in his/her life. If difficulties are addressed early, the child or adolescent will be able to pass through various developmental stages with pride and success. We also try to work cooperatively with the child’s school if needed. Parents often need coaching on communication and parenting skills which we are glad to provide. Additionally, if family conflicts are left to fester and remain unresolved, the family will cease to function well.  Read more
We provide family therapy to aid in communication, teach new skills, and increase understanding. Our sessions are sometimes conducted with all family members present, or at times with only 2-3 present to focus on the issue at hand. We also see couples who may be separated/divorced or are having difficulty dealing with normal life stressors. We provide co-parenting counseling, too.
Many of the people I see come to me because of stress, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, chronic medical problems, job-related issues, family problems, or marital difficulties. I work hard to explore what the core issues are and then we work as a collaborative team to address those issues. Sometimes people are just lonely and feel lost and disconnected. Part of what I do is help people learn to reach out to others and build a support system of friends and family who will be there if needed. Other individuals may come from a family background filled with abuse and pain, and they just need help in dealing with and resolving past issues. I try to provide a supportive but instructive environment where they can work on these problems.
People often need help in learning how to communicate effectively, to assertively resolve conflict, and to advocate for themselves. When individuals struggle with these skills, it leads to difficulties in their marriage, in their family, with their friends, and in the workplace. I believe that part of my job is to help adults confront these issues in themselves, and learn new skills to navigate the problems they encounter. With practice and a genuine effort, many clients learn to effectively change their behaviors and their lives.
Stress, depression, and anxiety are very troubling and lead to a life that can be restricted in many ways. I try to teach coping skills to help the client decrease their symptoms and learn to more fully participate in life. I focus on helping the client live a "mindful life". This means being mindful of all the good and positive in their life and being mindful of living each hour and day to its fullest. Clients learn that if they practice this approach to life, they rid themselves of much negativity and pain.
Some people unfortunately live with chronic physical illness and pain. Part of my practice focuses on helping these clients learn to live with the changes in their life and cope with the emotional roller coaster they often feel they are on. They benefit from knowing that they are not alone, and someone other than their physician is aiding them in improving the quality of their life.

If you need someone to listen to you, someone to help you figure out what is going on in your life, and someone to stick with you until things get better, please do call us. We are warm and caring, good problem-solvers, and we try to promote independence in our clients so that they can take what they have learned in therapy and apply it each day successfully for the rest of their lives.
We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.”

Accreditations and Experience

35 Years Experience- Psychology

Bachelor’s Degree- Temple University in Philadelphia, PA

Master’s and Doctoral Degree- Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA

Internship in Clinical Psychology- Community Guidance Center of Mercer County in Hamilton, NJ

Therapist- Peachtree- Parkwood Mental Health Center in Atlanta, GA

Member- Benjamin Rush Community Mental Health Center in Philadelphia, PA

Staff Psychologist- Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, PA

Licensed Psychologist- Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Member- American Psychological Association, Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology

Board of Directors- Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation

Adjunct Instructor- Villanova University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Pennsylvania State University

Lectures- Diabetes Association, Lupus Foundation, Scleroderma Chapters, Arthritis Foundation